Water can't become oil after all! 21 affiliated enterprises of youth automobile went bankrupt

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water oil affiliated enterprises youth

Encountered in Nanyang, Henan “ Water hydrogen car farce ” after , The car making script of Pang Qingnian and youth Automobile Group has been difficult to continue . According to the bankruptcy document published by Jinhua intermediate people's Court of Zhejiang Province , The court is on 8 month 11 Jinhua yaman Vehicle Co., Ltd 、 Jinhua youngman Automobile Co., Ltd 、 Jinhua youth Commercial Vehicle Sales Co., Ltd 、 Youth Automobile Group Co., Ltd 、 Zhejiang Youth Automobile Research Institute Co., Ltd 、 Zhejiang Youth passenger car Group Co., Ltd 、 Jinhua youth lotus Holding Group Co., Ltd., Jinhua Ruicheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Jinhua youth Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., etc 21 Enterprises related to Jinhua youth automobile group are included in the application for substantive merger and bankruptcy liquidation , And appoint the manager of Jinhua youth Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to act as the above manager according to law 21 The bankruptcy liquidation administrator of the company's substantive merger , Creditors of the above substantially merged bankrupt company ( Except creditors who have declared creditor's rights to Jinhua youth Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd ) stay 2021 year 9 month 10 Declare creditor's rights to the bankruptcy administrator a few days ago .

This year, 2 month 7 Japan , Jinhua intermediate people's court made (2021) Zhejiang 07 Boshen 1 Civil ruling No , We have accepted Jinhua Chuangjie Electronics Co., Ltd 、 Application for bankruptcy liquidation of Jinhua youth automobile by Jinhua lehuibo electromechanical Co., Ltd , And made on the same day (2021) Zhejiang 07 Boshen 4 Decision No , Zhejiang Liuhe law firm 、 Zhejiang Jinyuan law firm 、 Jinhua Antai certified public accountants Co., Ltd. serves as the interim administrator of Jinhua youth automobile bankruptcy .

in fact , As early as 2020 year 10 month , The Management Committee of Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone where Jinhua youth automobile is located starts the pre reorganization work according to the company's application .10 month 16 Japan , Jinhua intermediate people's court made (2020) Zhejiang 07 Pre litigation of civil litigation 1 Notice No , The diversified solutions of disputes before litigation of Jinhua youth automobile pre reorganization are registered , And appoint the pre reorganization Manager .2021 year 1 month 15 Japan , The temporary manager of Jinhua youth automobile held the creditors' meeting online , At the same time, make an appointment with the company 1500 All employees have terminated their labor contracts , The Management Committee of Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone has cooperated to pay the arrears of employees' wages and social security . at present , The official website of youth Automobile Group has been semi paralyzed due to long-term unattended maintenance , Some content cannot be displayed . however , In the column of chairman's style , Pang Qingnian “ Senior economist ”、“ National innovation expert ”、“ China's master of business management ” and “ Top ten Zhejiang businessmen ” And other honorary titles seem to show its past scenery .

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