New car | here comes xiaoxuanyi? Nissan Almera special edition released with 1.0T engine

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new car comes xiaoxuanyi nissan

Recently, the owner reported that he learned from relevant channels , nissan Almera Special edition released in Thailand ,Almera The actual is “LATIO” The next generation of , And Nissan Almera Focus on the Thai market , The positioning is very close to the domestic Nissan sunshine , Its positioning is lower than Xuanyi , Basically equal to Qi Da , The special edition is also named Almera Sportec, It means sports , The appearance of the new car 、 The interior has not changed much , Just add sports elements to the details , price , nissan Almera Sportec Our price is set at 629000 Thai Baht -695000 Thai Baht , To convert it into RMB is 12.3 ten thousand -13.6 Ten thousand yuan . Let's review its appearance 、 Interior dynamic parameters, etc .

The appearance part takes the ordinary version as an example , Except for the fog lights on both sides and the middle net , The rest is basically consistent with the special , Continue to adopt Nissan's family face design , this V The front face is very similar to Xuanyi , It's not too much to say he's Xuanyi .

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