GAC Toyota Saina real car was exposed, equipped with 2.5L hybrid, with a suspected price of 276800

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gac toyota saina real car

With the improvement of people's living standards , The requirements for transportation tools are also higher and higher , Space is enough big 、 Ride comfortably MPV The model is undoubtedly more in line with the current car demand . At present, major automobile enterprises have begun to layout in this market segment , We all know that at present MPV Buick in the market GL8 It can be said that the family is the only one , However, with the long-awaited GAC Toyota Saina is coming , buick GL8 Can you still maintain your current position ?

In recent days, , We learned a group of real photos of the domestic version of Saina , It is reported that the new car will be in 8 month 28 Official appearance , New cars will appear in 8 month 29 At the Chengdu auto show on May , It was officially listed in the fourth quarter , At the same time, we also learned that the suspected price of GAC Toyota Saina ,LE For a 27.68 Ten thousand yuan ,XLE For a 29.98 Ten thousand yuan ,LTD For a 31.68 Ten thousand yuan ,LTD PLUS For a 33.78 Ten thousand yuan ,PLATINUM For a 36.98 Ten thousand yuan , Compared with the previous four or five hundred thousand parallel imported versions ,27.68 Is the starting price of 10000 yuan very exciting .

It can be seen from the actual vehicle diagram , The appearance of the new car continues the overall shape of the overseas new car , The front face adopts the latest family design language , Black above / Silver Chrome decoration runs through the left and right , And connected with irregular headlamp groups on both sides , The shape of the headlight set is slender , It is believed that when it is lit, it can show strong recognition . Several horizontal black decorative strips are used inside the large trapezoidal grille below , At the same time, the prominent front lip is decorated with silver decorative strips , The whole looks very powerful .

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