Changan Lincoln adventurer PHEV with dual motor, three cylinder and four-wheel drive will be launched on August 29

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changan lincoln adventurer phev dual

In recent days, , Lincoln motor officially announced , Chang'an Lincoln adventurer PHEV Will be in 8 month 29 The opening day of 2021 Chengdu auto show was officially launched . adventurer PHEV It is Lincoln's first domestic new energy model , Previously, it made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show , It's based on 1.5T Plug in hybrid system of engine .

adventurer PHEV The appearance is basically consistent with the adventurer's fuel version , Only slightly different in details , The main difference is that LOGO The nameplates at the and the fender have a blue logo symbolizing their identity , A charging port is added to the left front fender .

The interior continues the design of the fuel version as a whole , The main difference is that the instrument and the central control panel have adjusted their identity for the plug-in hybrid model .

adventurer PHEV Pick up by 1.5T Plug in hybrid power system composed of three cylinder engine and double motors , among 1.5T Maximum engine power 125kW, Maximum power of front motor 96kW, Maximum power of rear motor 50kW, The power battery is nickel cobalt manganese lithium ion battery ,NEDC The range of pure electricity is 64km. At the end

Adventurers have been in a row 5 The brand's monthly sales record in China was refreshed in the last month , Now it's coming out again PHEV models , Enrich the model matrix , I believe it will be of great help to further enhance the market share .

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