Want to steal the limelight of Hongguang Mini EV? Chery QQ ice cream official map release

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want steal limelight hongguang mini

Answer comments : Agatsuma MINI EV list 200 A breakthrough in sales volume per day 20 Thousands of cars , This year, 7 Sales in January also exceeded 3 Thousands of cars , Continuous 11 It ranked first in the sales of new energy models last month . Its success has not only driven the micro pure electric vehicle market , At the same time, it also brings more double points to auto enterprises . chery QQ The emergence of ice cream is undoubtedly to replicate MINI EV The success of the , It is expected that its starting price will also be set at 3 All around , Only on the premise of equal cost performance ,QQ Ice cream can be MINI EV competitors .8 month 25 Japan , chery iCar Its first product —— chery QQ Ice cream official map release . chery QQ Ice cream is positioned as a mini electric car , It will go on sale in the fourth quarter of this year .

aesthetic , The new car adopts the commonly used... Of micro electric vehicles “ Square box ” modelling , This design can better ensure the riding space in the car . Enclosed grille with U Headlamp group with cavity , Presents a cute and cute visual image . The charging port of the new car is set in the brand LOGO The rear , The through air inlet at the bottom enhances the sense of hierarchy . The flat roof ensures the head space of passengers in the car , The suspended design is also in line with the aesthetics of young people nowadays . The design of the tail lamp group echoes the head lamp group , The built-in license plate area is set at a lower position . The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 2980/1496/1637mm, The wheelbase 1960mm.

motivation , chery QQ The ice cream comes with a model TZ160XFDM13A Drive motor , Maximum power of motor 20 kw . The battery pack of the new car adopts lithium iron phosphate battery , However, the capacity and endurance of the battery pack are not known .

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