Focus on intelligent and comfortable independent luxury sedan test drive BYD Han DM version

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focus intelligent comfortable independent luxury

Although the major manufacturers are still delivering new models for the domestic car market SUV models , But it is undeniable that cars still have an unshakable position in the eyes of Chinese people , Especially under the guidance of new energy and other policies , Independent new models derived from electric drive and hybrid energy , There are some very strong players , BYD Khan, who we test drive here, is one of them .

stay 2020 BYD successfully launched Han EV After the version , han DM It's only now , But still achieved amazing results , The cumulative sales volume of new cars in the past year has reached 27950 car , It ranks first in the market sales of medium and large plug-in hybrid cars of Chinese brands , And most users are concentrated in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou , Many consumers even made up their mind to choose Han... After comparing with the high-end fuel vehicles of joint venture brands DM edition . What's the charm of this car ? Let's take a look at .

Longyan upper body , Don't be angry from Weihan DM Version and Han EV The version uses the same platform , And it is also a new energy model , Dan Han DM Version only offers two configuration options , And all four-wheel drive versions , Obviously DM Versions have obvious differences in positioning . First, design , han DM Version of “ imperial countenance ” Compared with Han EV The version is more conventional , The rear through tail lamps are retained , Only the lower surround is slightly different . In my opinion, the appearance of the whole vehicle still has a strong BYD “ Dynasty family ” The trace of , Pure blood , Of course, it also has the momentum of flagship models .

Body size , Byd han DM The length, width and height of this model are 4960*1910*1495mm, comparison EV Version only reduces 20mm conductor , It's not hard to see Han from the appearance DM Shorter nose , And the wheelbase remains 2920mm unchanged . Also retained , And the drag coefficient is only 0.233cd The back of the car body line 、 And large-size multi spoke motion modeling hub , The tires are horse brand MC6, The specification reaches 245/45 R19.

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