The best selling female star finally overturned

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best selling female star finally

“ Stupid beauty ” Zhang Yuqi , It seems that I really did a big stupid thing this time , To be worthy of the name “ Idiot ”.

the other day , She suddenly tweeted , Announce that you and your little boyfriend quit 《 The love of daughters 4》 Remaining recordings .

It doesn't matter to quit recording , She also denounced mango's malicious editing , It's official and mango stage “ Make bye ”.

At first glance to , This is hard , The people have suffered for a long time , You should love to see and hear .

But the trend of public opinion is , It doesn't seem to be good for Zhang Yuqi .


Or familiar people , But Zhang Yuqi overturned

The cause of this is simple .

In the next forecast , Li Bingxi told Zhang Yuqi ,“ I really want to make a film recently .”

Zhang Yuqi said ,“ Not everyone can be an actor , I don't have the ability to cover the sky , I can't help you with anything , Walking alone is particularly important .”

As soon as this clip is released , Public opinion began to scold Li Bingxi for being a soft rice , The intention of being with Zhang Yuqi is too obvious ,“ Borrow your girlfriend ” My thoughts are written on my face .

therefore , There is Zhang Yuqi's microblog at the beginning . Think mango station deliberately tramples on her boyfriend to hold herself , Set off their own world soberness , It's a malicious clip , Hurt your boyfriend .

look , This is another bold northeast girl qiqizi , Build bricks for your big woman .

The reaction of public opinion is different from what she imagined .

Everyone unanimously opposed Zhang Yuqi's “ Love brain ”.

She even thought it was “ baiwenhang ” Behavior .

You bet , Zhang Yuqi can turn red these two years , And mango table “ holding ” Has to do .

Regardless of last year's 《 Sister Lang 》, This year 《 Happy camp 》 Substitute class , Gave her enough camera and topic .

《 Sister Lang 》 Of “ Stupid beauty ” And sober people in the world , A wave of powder for her , Today's class , Stand directly in place of Shana C position , Wu Xin, who has worked in the happy base camp for more than ten years, doesn't have this treatment .

Now, because the clip recruited a little black for her boyfriend, it's such a big reaction , It's kind of “ return kindness with ingratitude evil for good ” That smell .

Moreover, , As a big woman who always dares to love and hate , Offend such a big platform for a little boyfriend , In the eyes of contemporary women , It's not worth .

later , Mango station responded ,“ The two of you had a very positive and positive discussion on career planning during the program recording , The specific content will be fully presented in the positive film .”

Zhang Yuqi's tone of forwarding reply became relaxed again ,“ The past cooperation has been wonderful , The future is still willing to be honest .”

Guess from the mild tone of mango station's response , Zhang Yuqi's “ Rigid ”, It may be a routine informed by both parties “ Program promotion ” only .

Of course , May also be , The surface is smooth , Actual undercurrent surge .

What is the relationship between Zhang Yuqi and mango station in the future , It depends on whether there are any resources for follow-up .

All in all , This time, , Zhang Yuqi's “ Man made road ”, It was a rollover .


Too much wind and water , Zhang Yuqi floated

Zhang Yuqi is one of the most successful female stars in the entertainment industry .

《 Sister Lang 》 Early stage , a 《 Pink memories 》, A straight turn with the same hands and feet ,“ Stupid beauty ” Lay the foundation for this .

Du Hua gave her a X card , She understood it as “ Have unlimited possibilities ”, It's an affirmation of yourself .

Leave a message for the audience first “ Silly beauty ” Image , Then there's a man waking up .

Train hard , Output the golden sentence again ,“ Popularity is popularity , Business is business .”

The contrast is quite pink .

later , a 《 The roof is on fire 》, Although it's not particularly outstanding from the perspective of dance .

Sexy figure and confident dance posture have succeeded in stunning everyone .

Everyone exclaimed “ I'm going to line up in France now ”“ Is France still in line now ”“ My sister killed me ”.

It's beautiful 、 And silly 、 Clear headed , Such Zhang Yuqi , It's hard not to love .

And then , Zhang Yuqi went to 《 Talk show 》, As a permanent guest .

earlier , Her upper 《 Poking fun at the conference 》 Make complaints about men's eyes , That period was very explosive , It was rated as the best issue of the second season .

The passage goes like a cloud and water , Excellent rhythm control .

catch up with 《 Talk show 》 The best season , Zhang Yuqi has also contributed to the program her stem and topic , As a veteran talk show lover , Comments and reactions during the program are also quite professional .

Not only let the audience see her sexy figure , And showed her sexy mind .

Famous remarks in xiaohongshu in his early years ,“ Below a carat are broken diamonds , Worthless .” It has also become a proof of integrity .

Push forward , And a vigorous relationship and two marriages , Every paragraph is generous , It's turned upside down .

The first love with Wang Xiaofei , It was once exposed that when they quarreled , Will slap each other in the room .

Later I broke up with Wang Xiaofei , Marry director Wang Quan'an , When there is a conflict between the two , She once drove to stop Wang Quan'an , Kick the king's safe door . Later, the marriage ended when Wang Quan'an was arrested for whoring .

Experienced a marriage failure , little does one think , Zhang Yuqi didn't want to “ Put it away ”, Get married again soon , From recognition to certification , Only separated 70 God .

This marriage , The same failure was spectacular .

Not long after they got married , Yuan bayuan was picked out “ Fake rich ”, Tens of millions in debt .

In a quarrel , Zhang Yuqi even scratched yuan bayuan's back with a fruit knife .

Picture source : Pear videos

The two divorced and remarried for a long time . Yuan bayuan said that Zhang Yuqi cheated in her marriage , Zhang Yuqi accused yuan bayuan of taking tens of millions of her .

Originally , This kind of news happens repeatedly to the same female star , Accompanied by “ Slap each other in the face ”“ Kick the door ”“ To kill with a knife ” Such low-quality behavior , It should be a devastating blow to your personal image .

But put it on Zhang Yuqi , Under the packaging of Yang naive , became “ I'm honest 、 Independent women 、 Dare to get rid of the shackles of women's identity ”, Become a symbol of being brave .

Zhang Yuqi's human road , It went too smoothly .

Since its debut , Zhang Yuqi's position is actually very embarrassing , As a star girl , More than beautiful , But average strength , Sporadic stars also have some works that can be sold , But there is no real big lady .《 The Yangtze River seven 》、《 Mermaid 》、《 Cat pass 》 etc. , None of them are women . The only woman , It was taken by my husband Wang Quanan 《 White Deer Plain 》, The evaluation is not good .

The coffee is very high , It's a big star , Fame and strength are not exactly matched .

For so many years, I have been active in the entertainment industry by topic and marriage and love gossip , The past two years have turned red , It's all because people sell well .

Zhang Yuqi is actually very clever . She was the only one who broke up with Xinghui , An actress who can make another Stephen Chow movie . She's also lucky , The ups and downs of these years are somewhat due to nature , But stayed safely in the entertainment industry , And wait until it turns red .

As such a controversial female star , Except for a few love and marriage histories , There are not many real “ The black material ”.

A problem that is fatal enough to others , Come to her , Always a bonus .

Yang naive said Zhang Yuqi was very dangerous , Not necessarily .

Because everyone knows that she is a dangerous animal , For a series of her words and deeds , On the contrary, it has an exceptionally high degree of tolerance . News that will explode on others , Go to her , Because she is Zhang Yuqi , It becomes a matter of course . therefore , Zhang Yuqi has become safer than ordinary female stars .

Maybe , This invulnerable Constitution gave Zhang Yuqi confidence , Let her go farther and farther on the way to be herself .

but , Today's entertainment industry , It's not the entertainment industry of yesterday . It used to be safe , It doesn't mean it's safe in the future . Previously popular people set up , Changed the scene , It could be a rollover .


The entertainment industry needs female stars , More actress

Speak true , The entertainment industry needs a female star like Zhang Yuqi . The atmosphere , smart , And surprise me from time to time .

Since its debut , She is a natural female star . Not afraid of gossip , Dare to challenge , Both contribute to beauty , And contribute to the topic .

In fact, Zhang Yuqi's native family is not good .3 Parents divorced at the age of , She remarried with her mother , to depend on under sb . 's thumb . Then my mother divorced again , Raise her alone . In high school , When it's difficult , I can't afford the tuition , Mother sold all the jewelry for her to read .

For no reason , Zhang Yuqi has this energy , The rampage , Dare to fight, dare to kill . The big waves in the entertainment industry , It seems that I can't beat her , She was born for the entertainment industry .

Know how to catch people's eyes , Know how to be measured , Know how to get through a crisis .

“ Popularity is popularity , Business is business ”, Zhang Yuqi said so , Trying to do the same .

One side , She lives on hot search , More than 100 hot searches a year .

On the other hand , Also conforming to the trend of the times , Switch to TV series , Last year 《 Longling Grottoes 》 As shirley Yang , The play was praised as 《 Ghost blows 》 The best in the series .

Can be “ Stupid beauty ”, And keep the world awake , While desperately Marketing , On the other side, he rolled up his sleeves and opened up a road from the TV play .

Although there are a lot of marketing , Unexpectedly, it's not too disgusting . On the one hand, there is a trend of variety cafes , On the other hand, the TV series have a good reputation .

As the most dangerous female star in the entertainment industry , Zhang Yuqi always makes people feel , She's a little worried .

It's just , Of course, female stars have the confidence and necessity to exist , But as a rare type of beauty in the entertainment industry , While providing gossip , Bring us more works , That's the confidence that people set up and stand down .

Another dazzling female star , After all, she is just a female star .

In this era when people in the entertainment industry are in danger , The life span of female stars is limited .

If you want to stand forever C position , Rather than selling people and setting up topics , It's a lot more secure to be an actress .

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