The bike recovered from the "loss" made me surprised and happy, and I felt a little remorse!

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bike recovered loss surprised happy

I'm going out this morning , But I found that the bike downstairs was missing ! Oh, my God , What's going on? This is ?!

Does a semi-new second-hand bicycle make thieves think so ? Really have no taste ! Do you risk being found and steal the value of this hundred and eighty yuan car ?……, I was very angry .

The lonely car in the dark makes me blame myself !

I looked around the neighborhood and didn't find it , I looked around for a while again , Or not? ! Let's forget it , Not looking for it. , Just buy another one . I can only comfort myself .

Tell the truth , Depressed all day . The car itself is of little value , But it's inconvenient to go out and do business ! Besides, it was repaired and maintained two days ago , Just lost it so inexplicably , It's really hard to feel !

At more than ten o'clock in the evening, I went out on time for a walk by the lake . Suddenly , I think the car seems to be parked on the square by the lake . I have a good memory again , you 're right ! After the car was repaired and maintained, I rode it to the lake , I have to hurry to see !

I got there like a gust of wind , Fix your eyes , Thank goodness ! My bike stopped there unharmed , I walked forward with surprise and joy , Touch it affectionately , Like an old friend I haven't seen for years !

Ah ! I blame myself for being too careless ! I don't know how long I would have left it alone if I hadn't gone away today !

Facing the lost bike , I took two pictures first , I'm afraid it will “ fly ” It's gone !

Lost and recovered , We should cherish ! I dare not be so careless in the future ! I pushed it , While silently nagging at myself again and again ,…….( End ).

An old friend was lost and found , I was pleasantly surprised !