Wey retro new car exposure! Like Chrysler Pt Walker

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wey retro new car exposure

8 month 24 Japan , Great Wall motor WEY The brand has released the preview of the new retro styling concept car , The internal code of the new car is “V72”, location SUV models . according to the understanding of ,WEY The New Retro concept car will be in Chengdu auto show (8 month 27 Japan ) Formal appearance .

From the preview , The new car adopts a retro design , The front face is modeled 50-60 The design style of classic cars in the s , The visual effect is unique . The details of the new car , The convex wheel eyebrows and lights on both sides of the new car are very conspicuous , At the bottom is a classic chrome front surround . Guess from this , The new car will have a unique design in terms of intelligent interior , However, the specific information remains to be officially released , We will continue to pay attention .

For this new retro concept car , There were comments “ imitation PT Rambler ”. Most people know Jeep brand , From horse herders to guides, these models have left a deep impression on consumers , But it's relatively strange to mention Chrysler , In the market 300C And dajielong are known by some people , And for PT Ramblers, many people have no impression at all . According to Chrysler's official introduction ,PT The stroller is a compact hatchback , The body size is 4288/1748/1665mm.

Unlike modern models ,PT The stroller adopts a very retro design , Especially the towering engine compartment 、 The high waist line has to remind consumers of cars in the 1940s , The forward air grille decorated with transverse chrome trim strips and Chrysler flying wing logo have strong recognition . motivation ,PT Walker carrying 2.4L Naturally aspirated engine , The most powerful 146 horsepower , Peak torque 224N·m. From the data , Naturally, it cannot be compared with the models sold in the current market , But if you put it in that year ,PT The Rambler's performance is not bad .

Judging from this model , Its front face is indeed PT Walkers are similar , But the design of the headlight group is different , Similar to FAW old Liberation . therefore ,WEY The front face of the New Retro concept car is more like PT The combination of rambler and FAW liberation .WEY The brand has been trying to complete brand rejuvenation in the past year , At present, mocha based on coffee platform 、 Macchiato and latte are coming out one after another , Among them, Macchiato will also officially announce the pre price at the Chengdu auto show . The New Retro model in this preview , Does it mean WEY The next development direction of the brand , It is still unknown .

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