Don't blindly imitate Tesla and let the direct sales model disrupt the situation of traditional auto enterprises

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don blindly imitate tesla let

The new force of car building that has just risen in China , Little experience in product development and marketing , There are many new forces car companies began to imitate Tesla's marketing model , Even many traditional car companies follow suit .

Let alone whether the direct marketing model is more advanced , But imitate Tesla , Nor can we blindly copy it all , Take into account the consumption habits of Chinese consumers , Don't let a seemingly beautiful direct marketing model , Upset the situation of traditional car enterprises .

Undeniable? , Tesla sells well , But this does not mean that everything it pursues can become the golden rule for the development of other car enterprises , For new power auto enterprises , Few franchise stores , The after-sales service system is not perfect , Learn Tesla's direct marketing model , In fact, it also means some opportunism , This reduces the offline investment of car enterprises , Car companies can put more resources on Marketing , Turn your shortcomings into advantages , But for traditional car companies , The direct marketing model is not suitable for , At least it is not suitable for the consumption habits of Chinese consumers .

The first said , The layout of traditional car enterprises has been basically completed , All places 4S There are many shops , quite a lot 4S The investment in the store has not been fully recovered , This is the time , If the auto enterprises adopt the direct marketing mode , It's like cutting off 4S Part of the profit source of the store , What about the previous investment , It's the manufacturer's reimbursement , Or natural bad luck , I'm afraid both of these situations are difficult to achieve .

Since it can't be solved , Dealers have to continue to participate in vehicle sales , If the dealer gets a rebate from the brand , Or service charge , It has nothing to do with sales , Then the dealer's enthusiasm to promote the vehicle will be completely lost , Sell more and sell less , Sell it or not , Why do you have to spend a lot of manpower and financial resources to promote products that don't belong to you .

If the dealer has immediate benefits , Related to sales , In order to get more sales , Dealers can still take out this part of the profits , Used as a price reduction or disguised price reduction , The unified price can only be a superficial unity , In fact, there will still be unfair competition .

Second, say , If the direct store of the new brand , It belongs entirely to the manufacturer , Then the manufacturer will have great financial pressure , Everybody knows , Models produced by manufacturers , The first is the inventory taken away by the dealer , If there is no dealer , The model was produced , Must be sold after , To recover the funds , Or vacate the warehouse to store vehicles . in addition , Establish direct stores , It also requires a lot of money . But the car market can't always be good , If you encounter adversity in the car market , For manufacturers with weaker strength , It was a fatal blow , Even if there is a gold owner behind , Can afford to produce , There is no pressure on inventory , But these cars have a long backlog , When you sell again , It may have become a product of lost time , At that time, the only embarrassment can be the car enterprises .

Of course , At present, Mercedes Benz 、 Honda and other brands are speeding up their plans to lay out direct stores , For these companies , Strong capital , Strong anti risk ability , As you can imagine , If all the automobile industry implements the direct sales model , Then after a few shuffles , Which brands will go bankrupt first , What brands will be left .

And our own brand car enterprises , Although it has also developed rapidly in recent years , But the current sales position , Mainly concentrated in the domestic market , If you encounter these long-standing brands in the international market , Whether from brand influence , Or the ability to resist risks , Do not have considerable strength .

therefore , Not all seemingly beautiful things can be used , Don't let the seemingly more advanced direct marketing model disturb the layout of traditional automobile enterprises .

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