People drive or "cars drive people"? You'd better keep your life in your own hands!

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people drive cars drive people

Weilai auto driving accident has not subsided yet , Far across the ocean, the United States announced that it would investigate Tesla , Involving Tesla on sale in the United States 2014-2021 Paragraph includes Model S、Model 3、Model X、Model Y All models including , total 76.5 Thousands of cars . And the reason for the investigation , It also comes from the so-called “ Autopilot ”.“ Autopilot ” It's not an excuse to shirk responsibility

Today, , Some brands are officially promoted in the vehicle 、 Sales promotion, etc , All will L2 Level 1 driving assistance is claimed to be “L2 Level 1 autopilot assistance ” or “L2+ Level 1 autopilot assistance ” etc. . This makes consumers mistakenly think that the vehicle has automatic driving function .

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