Toyota first, Volkswagen second, manufacturer sales inventory in July

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toyota volkswagen second manufacturer sales

In recent days, ,2021 year 7 The complete list of automobile brands in January was officially announced , stay 6 It was unexpectedly overtaken by Toyota in January , After losing the first place ,7 Volkswagen's sales fell further in January , The gap with Toyota is also widening , Only second place , Honda, which finished third, is only 5000 The gap between the left and right of the platform , The situation is at stake . After all, in the domestic auto market , Volkswagen has always been at the top of the list , It also calls the wind and rain in the whole industry . And form such a situation , In addition to the differences between the models of various manufacturers , The biggest reason is the decline in production caused by the lack of automotive chips , Thus affecting terminal sales . Today, let's check the top of the brand sales list 3 name , See how they perform .

One 、 Toyota 7 Monthly sales 153329 car This year's cumulative sales 978601 Toyota as a representative of Japanese brands , Not only excellent performance at home , It is also the highest selling brand in the world . Since then, Toyota has launched a new TNGA After the concept of abundant nest , Sales are also rising , stay 7 The month is over 15.33 Sales data of 10000 vehicles .

In fact, Toyota's hot sales mainly depend on several aspects . The first is the blessing of the new platform , So that Toyota has greatly improved its design and safety . The obvious thing is , Toyota's current models , In terms of fashion sense, it has been at the forefront , Like Camry 、 Rong Fang 、 Carola, these models , Whether it's appearance or interior , It gives people a strong sense of freshness . And Toyota models under the new architecture , The safety crash test results are excellent , Therefore, the inherent impression of poor safety in the past has been eliminated .

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