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depth analysis selection models trusted

[ Car home   information ] 8 month 18 Japan ,2021 The annual release of China's automobile consumption was officially announced , It has attracted wide attention and strong repercussions both inside and outside the industry . This release has 8 A brand 、8 This model won a good performance , Before that, we were right “ Consumers focus on brands ”、“ Forge ahead Chinese brands ” and “ Smart excellence brand ” Read it . Today we turn our attention to products , have a look “ Consumers trust models ” What are the .

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Consumers trust models , Equipped with “ Consumers trust Chinese brand models ”、“ Consumers trust overseas mainstream brand models ”、“ Consumers trust overseas luxury brand models ”、“ Consumers trust new energy models ” Four release items , Comprehensive product quality 、 Word of mouth 、 Car cost 、 Product hedging rate 、 measured 、 Performance of core dimensions such as product sales , Consider the strength of a product in an all-round way , Provide car viewing for consumers 、 Suggestions and references for buying a car .

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The selection dimension is... In the past year , Sales of each product 、 Evaluate the performance of relevant dimensions of product power and user evaluation ,“ trust ” It represents consumers' affirmation of the product . The selection dimensions of consumer trust models include 6 In terms of : product quality (28%)、 Product reputation (20%)、 Car cost (19%)、 Product hedging rate (13%)、 Product complaint rate (14%)、 Product sales (6%).

Through the evaluation model , Calculate the data collected by each brand and get :“ Consumers trust Chinese brand models ” The top of the list is Chang'an CS55PLUS、“ Consumers trust overseas mainstream brand models ” At the top of the list is GAC Toyota velanda 、“ Consumers trust overseas luxury brand models ” Lexus tops the list ES.

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New energy vehicles have completed the great transformation from subsidy policy orientation to product force orientation , A hundred flowers bloom in the whole new energy market , From minicars to midsize cars , from 3 Wan to 100 ten thousand , From the ultimate cost performance to the top luxury Technology , From sports sharp to retro cute , Consumers can choose more and more new energy vehicles .

It is worth noting that , The selection dimensions of new energy vehicles are different , Based on the real demands of users , Added the consideration dimension of endurance , And the proportion reached 27%. Besides , Product quality and product reputation are also one of the important factors concerned by users , Therefore, the proportion of these selection dimensions has increased . More Than This , Auto home also examines the sales of new energy models in the past year 、 The impact of product power and related dimensions of user evaluation , Collect user survey results and expert scoring results for weighting , Provide consumers with the whole life cycle of new energy vehicles 、 Vehicle support . Only balanced development , A comprehensive product , Can be trusted by consumers . Through the evaluation model ,“ Consumers trust new energy models ” Top of the list is Xiaopeng automobile P7.

Consumers trust Chinese brand models ―― changan CS55PLUS

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As a compact for young consumers SUV, changan CS55PLUS( Parameters | inquiry ) Through accurate user positioning and younger design concept, it has received strong response in the market . With the addition of the blue whale version , It has quickly become another popular model of Chang'an . In the process of consumer use , With its excellent product quality, it has won a lot of praise from car owners , It has become a well-known product among China's young consumer groups .

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From the performance of each evaluation dimension , changan CS55PLUS In terms of product reputation, it has a very excellent performance , This is inseparable from the excellent daily use feeling brought by the new car to the majority of car owners , At the same time, in terms of product quality 、 Car cost 、 Product hedging rate and product sales volume , changan CS55PLUS Also maintained at the mainstream level , The final comprehensive evaluation will force other products at this level .

 Changan automobile changan CS55PLUS 2021 paragraph Blue whale version 1.5T DCT Luxury

2021 paragraph changan CS55PLUS

changan CS55PLUS Has been in 2019 Listed in Guangzhou Auto Show , Design inspiration and Chang'an CS75 PLUS identical , Strong visual impact , More in line with the aesthetic needs of young consumers . And the addition of the blue whale version , It has quickly become another popular model of Chang'an SUV product . The blue whale it carries NE 1.5T The engine can burst 180 Horsepower output , as well as 300 cattle ・ Peak torque in meters .

Consumers trust overseas mainstream brand models ―― GAC Toyota velanda

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TNGA Blessing of Architecture , Make security a big advantage of willanda , The medium model is standard 7 airbag 、 Toyota TSS Zhixing security technology package and other configurations , Very reassuring . Besides , Product power improvement brought by the new architecture , Toyota's own excellent brand power 、 Reliability and high hedging rate , All of these are the key factors for velanda to become a consumer's trust in overseas mainstream brand models .

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Willanda relies on excellent product quality 、 User reputation 、 The product hedging rate is the best . As RAV4 Rongfang's sister model , Since its birth, velanda has had the aura of Toyota brand . come from TNGA Products built by Architecture , Let willanda have great strength .

 Gac Toyota Vetlanda 2021 paragraph Twin engine 2.5L E-CVT Four wheel drive Deluxe

GAC Toyota velanda

In addition to the praiseworthy safety , Willanda's spatial performance has also reached the mainstream level , Besides , Toyota's hybrid strength also convinced its opponents , Velanda's excellent output smoothness and fuel consumption performance are naturally inherited in one vein . At the sales level , Vetlanda 2021 In the first half of the year, the cumulative sales volume reached 59395 car , Year-on-year growth 226%, Accounting for... Of GAC Toyota's sales in the first half of the year 13.9%, It has become another sales player .

Consumers trust overseas luxury brand models ―― lexus ES

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Consumers trust that the top three models of overseas luxury brands are Lexus ES、 BMW X3、 lexus RX. among , lexus ES Is ranked first with obvious advantages , BMW X3、 lexus RX、 Cadillac XT6 And Audi Q5L In the fierce scene of chasing back and forth , The gap between them is not big .

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At the car house 2020 In the quality report , lexus ES The number of failures of 100 cars is significantly lower than that of competitive products , Superior quality performance . Most car owners are interested in Lexus ES The word-of-mouth evaluation is also highly praised , For example, low fuel consumption 、 Very comfortable 、 High cost performance , Real evaluation often reflects excellent product strength . Combined with product quality 、 Brand reputation 、 Brand awareness 、 Brand service level 、 Brand car cost and brand second-hand car hedging rate , lexus ES It won the second place “ Consumers trust overseas luxury brand models ” The honor of .

 lexus lexus ES 2021 paragraph 260 Excellent Edition

2020 paragraph lexus ES

As Lexus's main product in the medium and large car market , lexus ES stay TNGA With the support of the architecture, it has a more comfortable driving experience ,2.5 Matching of L Atkinson engine and motor , Let the smoothness and running feel of the new car be in the leading position in the same level . Product quality , The advantages of new car product reputation and product complaint rate are obvious , The car cost is also lower than that of competitive products of the same level .

Consumers trust new energy models ―― Xiao peng car P7

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Through the evaluation model , Calculate the data collected by each brand and get , Consumers believe that Xiaopeng ranks first in the list of new energy vehicles P7, Gac Toyota iA5、 Byadihan is divided into two 、 Three place , Follow up with a small gap .

At the same time, we can see , There are two brands in the top ten, with a total of four new power models , This proves that after years of efforts , The new forces of car making have gradually won the recognition of consumers . Chinese brands , BYD 、 The products of GAC AEAN and Roewe occupy five seats , Overseas brands have only one model on the list . Chinese brands occupy more seats , This also shows that consumers' trust in Chinese brand new energy models is at a relatively high level .

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Xiao peng P7 On endurance 、 product quality 、 Good performance in terms of word-of-mouth , Especially the endurance performance is excellent , Get the lead in the dimension with higher weight in the evaluation system , So he was awarded “ The most trusted new energy model for consumers ”.

In word of mouth , Car owners generally believe that Xiaopeng P7 High cost performance 、 Good comfort 、 Long range 、 Strong acceleration, etc , It is consistent with the results of this evaluation dimension . Xiao peng P7 The delivery volume of has now jumped to 3 More than 10000 sets , It is launching a fierce attack on the pure electric vehicle market , It is becoming the representative of medium-sized new energy vehicles of Chinese brands .

 Xiao peng car Xiao peng car P7 2020 paragraph Rear drive super long endurance Zhizun version

Xiao peng car P7

2020 Since then , Xiao peng P7 It is launching a fierce attack on the pure electric vehicle market . from 706 km NEDC life , To XPILOT3.0 Assisted driving system , Then the delivery jumped to 30000 platform ( The first anniversary of listing ), Xiao Peng's achievements are gratifying . In the real reputation of car home , High cost performance 、 Good comfort 、 Long range 、 Strong acceleration, etc. are Xiaopeng P7 The key words often mentioned by car owners , The number of 100 vehicle failures of the car is also far lower than the average level of the segment market , The above advantages make Xiaopeng P7 It is becoming the representative of pure electric medium-sized vehicles in China .

Editor's summary :

The word trust is particularly precious in today's society , Whether it's people or things , Being able to be called trustworthy is a very high evaluation , Therefore, it is not easy to win the honor of consumers' trust in the model . Among Chinese brand models , We found that Top 10 The list is dominated by compact cars , Among them, Chang'an CS55PLUS、 The harvard H6、 Changan Yidong 、 Byd's song Pro The first group composed of Geely Binyue is also responsible for the sales of various brands . Among overseas mainstream brands Top 10 The list is completely occupied by Japanese brands , In particular, Toyota brand models firmly occupy the top three , Obvious advantages . Although European and American brands occupy more seats in overseas luxury brands , But eventually Lexus ES Still occupy the top of the list with absolute advantage , To defend the title . In the field of new energy , Chinese brands show strong dominance , This also reflects the rapid development of Chinese auto enterprises in the field of new energy in recent years , It really caught overseas brands by surprise .

This is the end of the analysis of consumer trust models , If you want to know more 818 Selection content , You can click on the 《818 In depth analysis of selection : Consumers focus on brands 》、《818 In depth analysis of selection : Forge ahead Chinese brands 》、《818 In depth data analysis of selection : Smart excellence brand 》 and 《 Special report 》 Looking back . Besides , You are also welcome to leave a message in the comment area and talk about what model you trust most .( writing / Car home Guo Chen )

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