554000! The launch of the new Porsche Macan only promotes the comprehensive power upgrade of three models

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launch new porsche macan promotes

2021 In the first half of , Porsche has delivered... Worldwide 153656 car , Achieve year-on-year growth 31%, among Macan More so 43,618 The delivery of the car became the relay of the Porsche family Cayenne( Cayenne ) After another pillar of sales .

In order to further meet the consumption upgrading of the market , porsche Macan Also officially ushered in the new listing , They are introduced according to different performance orientations Macan、Macan S as well as Macan GTS Three models , The official guide selling price range is 55.40 ten thousand -84.80 ten thousand , The new car is medium-term , It is mainly aimed at appearance 、 The interior upholstery and even the power are upgraded . Focus on new cars 1. The new Macan/Macan S/Macan GTS For external and internal 、 Power to upgrade the details 2. Provide more diversified personality options ,Macan GTS Comes with sports kit 3. The original mechanical buttons in the car are upgraded to touch mode 4. The new Macan carrying 2.0T The engine ,Macan S/Macan GTS carrying 2.9T High and low power engine

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