The new car built by Wuling can be opened with a 9-seat C1 driver's license. It is free from inspection for 6 years, with a volume of 4882l and low fuel consumption

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new car built wuling opened

Models with large space and multiple seats have always been the love of most Chinese people , After all, it is quite convenient to travel at home or load goods , It can realize multi-purpose of one vehicle . But earlier 7 Car inspection for cars with seats and above is troublesome , So many people are starting 7 There are great concerns when driving a car with seats and above . however , Now 7-9 All cars have been included in 6 Annual inspection exemption ranks , add “ Three ” implement 、“ The number of entrepreneurs has increased ” Other factors , It means that cars with large space and multiple seats will usher in “ spring ”, In such an environment , Many such cars have appeared in the domestic market , Wuling journey is one of them .

Journey is a super large space wide body business car built by Wuling , The huge space can meet the work needs of the striver in the new era , At the same time, it can take into account household models , And in order to better meet the different needs of different groups , The new car is offering 9 Based on the seat layout , Also provide 2 Seat window sealing car 、7 seat /8 Models with seat layout , Have C1 You can drive on the road with your driver's license .

Considering that appearance is the first product information to be exposed , It's just more about , Look directly at the space of the new car , The space of the journey mainly comes from having 5150mm Super long body 、3180mm Leading wheelbase 、1840mm Vehicle width 、 also 1895mm The height of , combining “ Five square meters ” Space design concept , Make the square car have super 5000L volume , Such a volume, coupled with models with different seating layouts , It can meet the needs of multiple scenarios .

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