With the same power of 180 horses up and down, why is the BMW 3 Series powerful and the es200 meat?

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You know, BMW 3 Tie you 184 Horsepower version 、 And Lexus Es200 The power of the system is 174 horsepower , The difference in power between the two cars is only a little 10 horse , Why BMW 3 It's very powerful when you open it 、 and Es200 It feels like meat ? only 10 The dynamic difference between horses 、 How can it bring a very different driving experience to the two cars ( BMW 3 Just 7.3 Seconds to break the , and Es200 You need to 10 More than seconds !

Of course about ES200 There are different opinions about the result of 100 km acceleration , Have said 10.5 Of a second 、 Also have say 12.5 Of a second , But anyway 、 Can't deny the essence of this car's weak acceleration ; Of course, this article is not intended to discuss Es200 Power is meat or not 、 Is it enough for , Just trying to explain why 3 Department and Es200 The power difference is only 10 horse , The reason for the huge difference in acceleration ability ; So what “ No meat man 、 Only meat carts ; Just enough power ; No matter how big the power is, the speed limit 120 Can drive to 240 Well ” There is no need to emphasize such nutrient free words !

So why is the power close 、 The acceleration ability is so different ? In fact, it's not just Lexus ES200 The problems faced , It's a problem that all naturally aspirated models face ! Like those on the market 2.5L Self priming car , The power reaches 200 More than... Horses ( Horsepower is also a unit of power , Don't stick here ), But the acceleration is not very good , Like ATZ 2.5L、 camry 2.5L wait ,2.5L ATZ Gundam 192 horsepower 、01 To speed up 8.6 second ,2.5L camry 209 horsepower 、01 To speed up 8.8 second !

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