"You can't take your fans on a crooked road for personal petty profits!"

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fans crooked road personal petty

“ Nearly period of time , There are some right and wrong reversals in the entertainment circle 、 Neither beauty nor ugliness 、 The distortion of values , The star concerned has crossed the legal bottom line 、 Contrary to public order and good customs 、 Against professional ethics ……”

“ Cultivate one's morality and keep upright Establish one's mind and cast one's soul —— Symposium on the construction of professional ethics and professional style of literary and artistic workers of China Federation of literary and art circles ”24 Held in Beijing , And publish 《 Cultivate one's morality and keep upright Establish one's mind and cast one's soul —— Proposal to the majority of writers and artists 》. The proposal directly points to the recent chaos that has attracted public attention .

Young actor Zhou Dongyu 、 Du Jiang read out at the meeting 《 proposal 》 Gao Kai taken

“ What has happened in the literary and art circles recently makes people very angry , Some challenge the bottom line of human relations 、 Some challenge the law 、 Some challenge the moral bottom line 、 Some have challenged the national bottom line ! They can't represent the literary world , More unworthy of ‘ literature ’ The profession of lifting the torch of national spirit .”

Actor Liu Jin talked about , These people , Not only distort and destroy their fans' world outlook 、 outlook on life 、 sense of worth , It also misleads and incites a large number of minors , Cultivate vulgar “ Rice circle ” chaos , Seriously interfere with social order .

“ Most people who do wrong may hurt the people around them , But literary and artistic workers may be biased against a large number of people by doing wrong .” Consultant of China literary and art Volunteer Association 、 Photographer Xie Hailong thinks , It's good to have fans and influence , The question is what to do when you have fans ?

He pointed out that , Be responsible for your fans , Be good with your fans 、 Go the right way 、 Contribute to the society , Form a good social fashion , You can't think about making money with fans , For personal petty gain , Take the fans on the wrong path 、 evil ways .

Data figure : An artist interacts with fans at the meeting . Reporter of China News Agency Liu Guanguan taken ( Graphic has nothing to do )

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