Zhang he and Guo Keyu walked hand in hand. Gao Tian restarted the love mode. Sun Yi: find sugar in the glass residue

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zhang guo keyu walked hand

《 Goodbye lover 》 Inexplicably, it makes people chase after the play, which is very popular , In this program , Zhang He 、 Guo Keyu walked hand in hand , Gao Tian restarts love mode . Sun Yi is looking for sugar in the glass residue , I was crying .

Zhang He 、 Guo Keyu has been divorced for more than a year , I believe many viewers can't dream of ,“ ZhangYu CP” It turned out to be three groups “ The problem couple ” The most normal couple . and ,“ Ice breaking trip ” Let them get closer , It's getting better and better .

Tell the truth , Zhang he exudes the unique charm of a mature man , Old men also dress up , A white sportswear, not to mention how handsome . Interestingly , Guo Keyu was handsome by his ex husband again , If you can blurt out “ wow ”, I'm really worried that she can't control her saliva .

“ Love seeking group ” A one-day trip to sea , Zhang he took the initiative to care for his ex-wife , Worried about her catching cold and getting seasick . little does one think , The scene of Gao Tianming caught people off guard ,“ Lao Wang ” Eat melons and watch the play all the way , Like you, me and him in front of the screen .

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