Famous actress held a fairy tale hundred day banquet for her daughter, emotional message: look forward to your every little growth

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famous actress held fairy tale

Well known actress Yu Xiangning (Jennifer) This year, 5 Give birth to a daughter in June Clare, Twinkling of an eye Clare A hundred days after birth .Jennifer A hundred day banquet was held for my daughter a few days ago, with the Princess Castle as the background , Add carousels and unicorn balloons for layout , Fairy tales are very dreamy .

Yu Xiangning this year 5 The moon gave birth to a daughter Clare, Twinkling of an eye Clare A hundred days after birth .(IG/ @jenniferyuuu)

Jennifer Yesterday, (24 Japan ) stay IG Upload photos of the hundred day banquet and write down your feelings as a mother :「 Princess Lu today 100 Japan , It's like mom gave birth to you 100 God . Although mom's belly is loose , With a pair of mother's shoulders and mother's hands , Often low back pain, lack of sleep , But seeing you grow day by day . From crying often , I was curious to look around when I didn't cry at the hundred day banquet , Slowly start chatting with you and laugh , There will be some voices that want to answer me , Start sleeping longer , You can sleep without a bag , Will look up , Want to turn around , Every little growth seems to be taken for granted physically , But for me, they are very moved and grateful . Looking forward to your every little growth in the future , Continue to be a curious baby healthy and happy . Thank you for your family and friends , Thank you for giving Clare blessing of , Full of love .」 Ni Chenxi, the beautiful mother in the circle 、 Tan Kaiqi , Chen Jiayi and others have left messages as Clare Best wishes :「Happy 100 days baby Clare」.

source :TVB Drama critic

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