The luxurious and atmospheric modified version of Rolls Royce Gusteau spofec was officially unveiled

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luxurious atmospheric modified version rolls

In recent days, , According to the overseas media , Rolls Royce Gusteau's Spofec The modified version was officially unveiled , More luxurious atmosphere , Performance has also been upgraded .

aesthetic , Rolls Royce Gusteau's Spofec It continues to follow the design concept of cash Gusteau , The difference is Rolls Royce Gusteau's Spofec The modified version uses a body made of carbon fiber , Optimized forward air port 、 Front fender 、 Rear spoiler, etc , The overall appearance is more luxurious, atmospheric and textured .

In terms of interior decoration, upgrade and refit through material selection , Full of luxury , Exquisite atmosphere and texture , The main color is black , The whole is more calm .

motivation , Optimized fuel injection 、 Turbocharging, etc , The exhaust has also undergone a new design .

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