The cost performance is higher. The configuration of Chang'an Auchan X7 plus has been fully exposed, and the pre-sale will be opened soon

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cost performance higher. higher configuration

Fellow riders , Hello everyone ! Today's car selection network brings you the latest news of today's car market , Please click to follow the car selection network , Learn the latest car information at the first time .

In recent days, , Car selection network learned from relevant channels , Chang'an Auchan officially released Auchan X7 PLUS Configuration information . From keeping more information , The new car will be launched 9 models , The whole line is equipped with a new generation of blue whales NE 1.5T The engine . There is also news that , New car will be on the 8 month 27 Pre sale officially opened on , On the whole , It's still worth looking forward to .

Appearance part , The whole front face of the new car continues Auchan X7 Design style of , With split large-size grid design , The lower middle net is decorated with mesh , The overall identification is very high . It's worth mentioning , The new car is equipped with split type as standard LED Crystal headlamp , It is equipped with functions such as delayed closing and height adjustment , So when driving at night , More secure .

The interior of the new car adopts an encircling design , Large area application of plastic lining process soft package , The shape of the three spoke steering wheel is the same as that of the current Auchan X7 Almost the same , Both practicality and sense of class can be well satisfied . in addition , The new car's central control screen provides 7 Inch 、10.25 Inches and 12.3 Inch 3 A choice , Among them, high configuration models are built-in Onstyle3.0 Intelligent control eight core vehicle machine system , The overall performance is very high . motivation , The new car will be equipped with high-power and low-power versions 1.5T Turbocharged four cylinder engine .

Choose your point of view : As an upgraded model , The performance of this car is quite good . meanwhile , Rich and practical configuration , It also gives you the possibility to choose it . For the vast majority of consumers , Perhaps the only thing waiting is the price .

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