Why is the fire of new energy vehicles always fruitless?

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new energy vehicles fruitless

As a direction of automobile development in this era, new energy vehicles , With the increase of stock , New energy vehicles on the road also began to increase , At this stage, new energy vehicles always have some problems , Spontaneous combustion seems to be a curse that major new energy vehicle enterprises can't get rid of , According to incomplete statistics ,2020 A total of 72 Fire accident of new energy vehicles , At least 25 Brand car enterprises , Although fires occur from time to time , But why the fire of new energy vehicles , There is always no result ?

Through the fire of new energy vehicles, we can see , Investigation and interpretation of the fire after each accident , It seems that they all stay in the stage of reasoning . It is not clear which place caused , After every fire accident, there is often no result . There are several factors .

First of all, the causes of fire accidents of new energy vehicles , No practical progress , Because according to the fire factors of new energy vehicles , It involves many aspects , Insufficient thermal management in the early stage of battery ; The quality itself is unreliable ; Insufficient matching between charging pile and vehicle , And these vehicles have no way to conduct in-depth investigation after the fire , And blame the spontaneous combustion on one place , It's like saying with ulterior motives , On the other hand, exploring the cause of electric vehicle fire is a very complex process , It not only takes a lot of manpower, but also takes up too much time , A preliminary judgment can only be made by reasoning , Another point of view is also out of a kind of protection for their own enterprises and car lines , Once the reasons are published too transparently , It will also cause some of its core technologies to be interpreted , Not conducive to their own development .

In general , The new energy vehicle market has just started , Relevant technologies and regulations are not perfect , It also led some car companies to take advantage of loopholes , however , It is worth noting that , The policy is on the way , In the later stage, the relevant regulations on the use of new energy vehicles will be improved more and more , New energy vehicles will be more comfortable to use .

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