Compared with Guangzhou Honda Odyssey, Roewe imax8 is indeed a household god car in MPV (II)

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compared guangzhou honda odyssey roewe

No surging , The driving feeling is comfortable, so the power can be improved , roewe iMAX8 carrying 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 234 horsepower , Peak torque 360 cattle · rice . Match with Aisin 8AT transmission . This power system has excellent book data , But for one MPV For the model , Driving comfort is the biggest demand .

roewe iMAX8 The throttle is gentle and linear , It will not cause too much jerk due to improper throttle control , Even with a deep step on the accelerator , The downshift action of the transmission is also very soft , The subsequent power output is also a sense of stability , It is suitable to enjoy the freedom of driving control with a peaceful attitude .

Another key factor to improve comfort is the adjustment of chassis suspension . iMAX8 The front McPherson rear multi link independent suspension is adopted . The suspension can effectively filter most of the bumps on the road , Even after some big bumps , There will be no obvious fluctuation of the vehicle .

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