Those who criticize that Hongguang Mini EV has no air bag, please face up to the civil suffering

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criticize hongguang mini ev air

Ordinary people have gone from poverty to prosperity , It will take a long time , In the process , We should also face up to the sufferings of the people .

Speaking of Hongguang MINI EV The security of , Let me remember an old stem spread on the Internet : I've mixed up to the point of eating instant noodles , You can't care about health or not .

You bet , I can also say some disadvantages of instant noodles , Fried food is unhealthy , The oil bag is not nutritious , But none of this can stop me from eating instant noodles , Because it allows me to , Solve the big problem of hunger at the lowest price .

Agatsuma MINI EV Is the same , Buy 2.88 Consumers of 10000 yuan cars , Do you really care about airbags , The first consideration is Hongguang MINI EV Is the safety of the car as high as that of other models ? Real consumer complaints , How many are about airbags or safety issues .

Many people put Hongguang MINI EV The problem of not installing airbag , It comes down to the fact that the manufacturer is irresponsible to consumers , I'm sure , Among these people , Few Hongguang MINI EV The real owner of .

According to my observation , Agatsuma MINI EV Car owners can be divided into two groups , One is just in need of car owners , These owners used to ride electric motorcycles , Or the group taking the bus , They are eager to have a scooter , Be able to commute , Or pick up the children , Free from the wind and the sun , But even if the car is cheaper , Also needed 5、6 The cost of buying a car of more than 10000 yuan , Maybe for urban white-collar workers , Tens of thousands of yuan is only one or two months' salary , But for the ordinary working class ,5、6 Ten thousand yuan needs to be saved for several years , To have such savings , If not just needed , Still reluctant to take out years of savings , For they , The safety of the scooter is not the most important . Their requirements for vehicles , Yes, not fine .

in addition , There is also a class of car owners who want to play with their cars , Buy it back and refit it , Even the cost of refitting is higher than the cost of buying a car , This part of consumers , I like Hongguang MINI EV It's cheap , And plasticity , Security is not a concern for them .

in other words , These two types of car owners , Will not put security in the first place , It's okay only when you're full , People who don't know the sufferings of the people , To find fault on purpose , I can responsibly say , If you can help a car owner who just needs to pay for a car , Don't talk about airbags , Is to add aircraft wings , These newly needed car owners will fully agree , The problem is , They still have to pay for the car from their pockets , Agatsuma MINI EV The security of is really not high , But compared with a thin electric motorcycle , How safe ? And can't play cards , Compared with the insured elderly scooter , How safe ?

Not Hongguang MINI EV Car owners do not pay attention to safety , But life is not easy , I don't have much money to think about this .

in addition , There's another problem , Is it really safe to add an airbag , The real safety of the vehicle , From BIW structure , Preventive technology configuration , Isolate the danger from the driver's body , If the body is not rigid , What problem can an airbag solve .

There are airbags , There are many cars with various safety configurations , Why only Hongguang MINI EV Failed Tesla , It has sprung up in the car market , Or has it met the needs of most people who just need it .

Those are still holding Hongguang MINI EV Air bag , Or someone who says something about security , Please face up to the suffering of the people , Or , You can convince those luxury car brands , Without changing the security , The price is also reduced to 2.88 ten thousand , At that time , You are qualified to attack Hongguang MINI EV The security of .

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