After six years of driving a new energy vehicle, how can I struggle under the speed limit of 150 and 100

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years driving new energy vehicle

The first car was replaced . jianghuai IEV4, Old models , Purchase in 2015 year 7 month , To 2021 year 8 month , It has been open for more than six years ,9 Thousands of miles .

I am not a fan , But macroscopically, it is basically the first wave of users of new energy vehicles , Just talk about your feelings . There are many layman terms , Don't be surprised .

first impression

First , The car was bought in 2015 year , And this style , At that time, it was relatively backward . Offer about 15 ten thousand , State subsidies 10 ten thousand , Personal car purchase is about the same 5 ten thousand . It's all about cheap , Don't buy the first car too expensive , Practice hands .

It's called 15 Thousands of cars , It looks like it's worth 5 Wan's appearance , It was like , Probably cheating on state subsidies …… All configurations feel like the lowest grade fuel car , Probably just replace the engine with an electric motor , Other systems are not optimized accordingly, paranoid .

How long can I drive with this car , There was no bottom . They say that the reliability of new energy vehicles is not high , therefore , It will take three or four years . Can you open it 6 I've picked it up for years .


The biggest weakness of this car is its endurance . After all , When charging is not particularly convenient ( The charging conditions in my house are actually more convenient than most people ), Endurance actually represents how long you can use it after you charge it once , Or it determines your charging frequency . A charge of electricity costs more than electricity ( This is proportional to the voyage ), And parking fees and time ( This can be understood as calculating by times ). The thinner this cost can be spread, the better .

The nominal range of this car is 150 km , This is when it's warmer , Endurance without air conditioning .

winter , When it's cold , The endurance decreases very fast . from 150 Down to 100 about .

When the speed is slow , It will save electricity when the speed is faster . This is the opposite of a gasoline car . Because gasoline cars have an idle energy consumption , And electric cars don't need , It takes time to move , Don't move, don't consume energy , Therefore, the wind resistance is large at high speed , More energy consumption .

Constantly changing speed , It will take a little more electricity than constant speed . But because it will automatically charge a little when braking , So the extra energy consumption of this variable speed is much smaller than that of gasoline vehicles . There was a long downhill , The battery went back 1-2% The appearance of .

If you turn on the air conditioner in summer , The endurance will be lower than that without the air conditioner . however , If you want to cool down and open the window , So when the speed is fast , It may consume more power than air conditioning . Turning on the heating is the most electricity consuming , It's even possible to halve endurance at slower speeds . therefore , Take your children dozens of kilometers away in winter , Coming back at night is the hardest .

Until the fifth year , It can basically maintain this endurance . From the fifth winter , Endurance has decreased . But by the sixth year , Basically, it can reach its peak 80-90% about .


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