Huang Shengyi showed up at the airport in a navel revealing outfit, paired with wide legged trousers, nearly 40 years old, and a women's League style

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huang shengyi showed airport navel

But anyone who hasn't seen the star 《 Kung fu 》 People who , There should be few people who have not been by Huang Shengyi “ Dumb girl ” What's amazing , A white shirt is clean and refreshing , The first love goddess on campus , The occasional drop of tears is still pitiful to me , Pure desire is too fragile .

It's a pity that I seldom go out to shoot after I get married , It was not until these years that it reappeared in the audience's view through various variety shows , Although it was controversial at first , But the wind direction has begun to improve again in the past two years , Many passers-by said they were attracted by Huang Shengyi's character . So that's right , The star we want to analyze today is Huang Shengyi .

Huang Shengyi's style appreciation

Since ancient times , Girls are trying their best to reduce their age and wear , When I was a teenager, I liked to turn myself into a mature adult , Especially like all kinds of black wear , In his twenties , I began to like all kinds of age reducing clothes , The older you get , The younger you wear, the more you can't put it down .

For example, Huang Shengyi's airport wear on this day is very in line with the wind direction of aging wear in the past two years , Open navel wear with wide leg pants , All quick 40 At the age of, there is also a kind of women's group model .

Jacket :

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