The neglected "three noes" anti drug drama has a better reputation than "anti Mafia storm"

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neglected noes anti drug drama

《 Black storm 》 since 8 month 9 After the first broadcast , The heat and playback volume have always been very high , Then there is a no flow 、 No publicity 、 No big man “ 3 without ” Anti drug drama 《 Rose Walker 》, stay 8 month 11 The No. 1 went on quietly , The heat and volume of the play are pitifully low , Follow 《 Black storm 》 comparison , It's the relationship between the top and the bottom of the list .

Whether from the cast , Or the director team ,《 Black storm 》 It's much better than this play , After all, it's the difference between star drama and online drama ,《 Rose Walker 》 The biggest brand is producer Han Sanping , The most famous actor is Zheng Yecheng , The heroine Lin Peng can only be regarded as a half red but not black “ Dragon Girl ”, Although I have made many movies with Jackie Chan , But not famous .

You can also see from the title , This is an anti drug drama with the theme of female policeman flower undercover , At first I thought it would be a bad play , Who knows, seeing the back is getting higher and higher , Waiting for updates every day . take the reverse into consideration 《 Black storm 》 It's the first four episodes of three axes , Then the plot began to procrastinate , Watching an episode every day is the same as not watching it , The more you look back, the more boring you feel .

《 Rose Walker 》 The story of is mainly about a chemistry talented student Fang Lin , Because he can make a new drug with new materials , So two gangs of drug dealers fought to get him , Zhang Xihe, played by Zheng Yecheng, the hero, is the adopted son of Ma Hongtao, the head of overseas drug cartels , Ma Hongtao is surrounded by a police informant , After exposure, Zhang Xihe killed , The heroine met Zhang Xihe in the process of undercover , Both of them are looking for Fang Lin caught by drug dealer Qiu Hu .

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