The new hair color dyed by Japanese actress Miyazaki is too sweet and spicy! Heavy makeup sexy beauty

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new hair color dyed japanese

Japanese actress ryoden Miyazaki 《ViVi》 Magazine cover , She has a beautiful face , Beautiful eyes , Red lips , White skin is very pleasant , She dyed her new hair in a sweet and spicy style , The beauty is heavily made up , Still sexy and beautiful .

Japanese actress Miyazawa Nara is wearing a black top with a bra , Pair with black pants , She has a beautiful face , Beautiful eyes are as smart as water , Red lips and white teeth are charming , Red hair is very elegant , It's tempting to lift your cheek with one hand , Big show white fragrant shoulder and career line , Still very sexy and charming .

Miyazaki Yoshiro in the magazine , Wearing a white shirt is very fresh and beautiful , In the stitching of these three beautiful pictures , She held a cherry in her mouth ( Or put it on your lips ), The red hair is as elegant as a waterfall , Such a Japanese actress is still very beautiful .

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