With a budget of about 100000, which manual transmission models are cool to drive? Recommend polo, mingjue 6 and Carola

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budget manual transmission models cool

today , Automatic transmission models have become popular , Even if possible, you can only buy beggar's version under the budget , The vast majority of friends will still choose to buy an automatic transmission model , After all, it will be easier to drive in the future 、 More convenient . But Xiaobian is still surrounded by a wave of feeling parties who pursue the ultimate driving control technology , In their eyes, only manual transmission can make driving fun .

today 【 Hot car thing 】 Recommend 3 A manual transmission model on the market , They are 10 With a budget of about 10000 yuan, I drive the best manual transmission model .

The public Polo

The guided :9.99-12.39 ten thousand

The recommended configuration :2021 paragraph Plus1.5L Manual panoramic music version

The first model we recommend is Volkswagen Polo, Its official guide price is 9.99-12.39 Ten thousand yuan .10 With a budget of about 10000, you can buy Volkswagen 2021 paragraph Plus1.5L Manual panoramic music version , The official price is 9.99 Ten thousand yuan , At present, the market preference in Chongqing is 1.2 Ten thousand yuan , Buy a car in full 10 Wan Nei can handle , However, due to the shortage of chips , It is estimated that there is a shortage in the market at present .

Reasons for recommending this model : First of all , Volkswagen's manual transmission , It is famous in the industry for its silky smoothness ; second , The public Polo A small car with a hatchback structure , Compact and flexible , although 1.5L Small displacement , But it's enough for this car , And light .

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