After driving the Audi A6L for two years and the Lexus es300h, the owner couldn't help saying his true feelings

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driving audi a6l years lexus

In recent years, the sales of luxury models have continuously set new records , According to the sales data of the first half of the year ,BBA These three first-line luxury brands can even reach a record this year 80-100 Ten thousand vehicles , Compared with previous years, it has increased significantly . Inside this , Mercedes Benz mainly depends on appearance and luxury interior , It has attracted many young ladies and sisters and other users , BMW relies on balanced handling and riding experience , Attracted many young people's choices , As for the audi , With a more favorable price and a good sense of technology than Mercedes Benz and BMW , Become a peer “ Cost effective choice ”. For example, it is also a medium and large car , audi A6L The landing price is higher than E level 、5 With the same configuration, the power is low 4-5 ten thousand , The owner can't get 40 The price of 10000 fell to one A6L 40TFSI, Now it has been open for two years , The overall car experience is very good , It can be said that although the price is lower than E And 、5 Cheap , But the experience is not bad at all .

And more recently , Because of the working relationship , The car owner has been driving his friend's new Lexus for another two weeks ES300h, Not even the license plate . At the level of , lexus ES300h It is also a medium and large administrative car , At the price , The new ES300h The starting price is just 37.89 ten thousand , Landing price and Audi A6L The difference is very small , And in the course of the owner's use , The difference between the two models surprised him .

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