American media blow all day? Eight of the top ten cars in 2021 are Japanese and one is model 3

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american media blow day cars

More real 、 More independent 、 More open 丨 introduction | New energy has become a new favorite, an authoritative American magazine 《 Consumer reports 》(Consumer Reports, hereinafter referred to as CR), After a series of rigorous tests and owner surveys , Choose one of the most recommended new cars in each of the ten categories .

CR Yes 2021 The selection requirements for the top ten models of the year are :

▎ Combined with the actual use conditions , Let each car travel thousands of miles ( about 250 A specimen );

▎ Investigate owner satisfaction ;

▎ Vehicle reliability 、 Security 、 Comfortable 、 Fuel economy ;

▎ The vehicle must be equipped with a front collision warning as standard (FCW) And automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection function (AEB). In addition to these four selection conditions , Will also do 50 A number of vehicle tests and crash tests , Strive to be the most comprehensive and objective . Here is a list of the top ten models :

Domestic price :10.98 ten thousand -15.98 Ten thousand yuan

Toyota Corolla is the pillar of Toyota sales , It is also a model sought after by domestic consumers . Although the dynamic parameters 、 And the interior materials are not very satisfactory , But its space 、 Fuel consumption 、 Quality stability is popular , The first car in many families is the Toyota Corolla .《 Consumer reports 》 That's what I think of Carola : Some consumers feel that buying low-cost cars , That means compromising performance and comfort . But Carola is an exception , It not only provides excellent fuel economy , It also has more safety features than a car that costs twice as much , And in AEB Got the highest score in the test .

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