The current situation of Lexus es: I am willing to give in to the disadvantage when it comes to price, and I have swept away thousands of troops when it comes to quality

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current situation lexus es willing

In the car world , How to divide first-line luxury brands and second-line luxury brands , Sales volume is a very important parameter . People feel that Cadillac and Volvo are second-line luxury brands , This is because the models of these two brands have high surface cost performance , There are huge discounts on the terminal , But sales are still difficult to compete with first-line luxury brand models . Strong product force , But the brand image is not enough , So I can only be in the second line .

Now, in addition to the traditional German system BBA outside , Another luxury brand is rising , stay 30~40 Among 10000 models , This car sells more than Mercedes Benz C Class and Audi A4L higher , This car is Lexus ES. according to “ Number of new car compulsory insurance purchases ” The results of the statistics , lexus ES stay 2021 year 7 It was sold in January 10,821 car , front 7 The total cumulative sales volume in the last month is 70,278 car , This sales performance is second only to BMW 3 system . lexus ES Because it's so hot , There is simply a shortage of demand , So the price is strong , There has been no discount on the terminal . If it can be like the German system BBA equally , There is a discount of thirty or fifty thousand , In terms of sales, it is estimated that even BMW 3 The Department is not his opponent .

lexus ES present situation : I'm willing to give in to the price , On quality, I swept away thousands of troops ! Whether a car is really popular , We just need to look at the value preservation rate and circulation rate of this car in the second-hand market , Real good cars are also popular in the used car market .

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