Mazda's new SUV "cx-30" pure electric vehicle will be on the market soon, bidding farewell to the fuel power system

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mazda new suv cx-30 cx

Mazda New SUV“CX-30” Pure electric vehicles will appear with 2021 Chengdu auto show . Appearance and current sales CX-30( Gasoline model ) Basically the same , But the height of the vehicle has increased , It may be because the unique motor, battery and other parts of the electric vehicle are installed under the floor , More space is needed .

Fuel version CX-30 The size of the car body is long 4395 mm × wide 1797 mm × high 1545 mm . Electric version CX-30 Total length of 4410 mm , Full width 1852 mm , Full height 1655 mm , The total height value has been greatly increased to 110 mm . Besides , Due to the installation of motor power assembly , So the weight increases , The total weight of the gasoline model is 1849 kg , The total weight of the electric vehicle is 2247 kg , Added about 400 kg .

The appearance design is basically the same as that of gasoline version , But with the battery installed , The side view is significantly thicker , The car is taller ( The minimum ground clearance is the same as that of the fuel truck ). The width of the car has also increased 55mm, The tire width ranges from 215 Add to 225, More harmonious appearance . in addition , It can be confirmed from the picture that , The side pedal is set to facilitate getting on and off , Because in the car up to 110mm Under the circumstances , It will naturally affect the difficulty of getting on and off .

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