400000 budget daughter-in-law wants to buy Audi A6L, but I secretly chose TA. Old driver: you know the car very well

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budget daughter-in-law daughter law wants

People have the ambition to soar to the sky , You can't get through without transportation . In recent years, my luck is quite good , I also made some small money in business . Although the heart is a little swollen , But I haven't formed the bad habit of spending freely . But think the other way around , Isn't making money just for a better life , After all these years of hard work , Why can't you enjoy it , So I calculated with my daughter-in-law , Buy one 40 More than 10000 luxury brand cars .

My daughter-in-law prefers Audi at this price A6L, I think this car is very cost-effective , Business and IKEA , The overall car cost is also higher than that of Mercedes Benz 、 BMW is a little lower . I admit that A6L It's a good car , But for our people , It's definitely not the best choice , People should be alert to danger in times of peace , Pay attention to increasing revenue and reducing expenditure .

What do you buy luxury cars for ? On the one hand, it is to enjoy a comfortable driving experience , On the other hand, to take care of face , Want an image that matches your identity . On the premise of meeting these two requirements , The lower the cost of this car, the better , The higher the hedging rate, the better , The more complete the security configuration, the better , With Audi A6L comparison , I prefer Lexus ES 300h. If you buy Audi A6L, Now no one will regard it as a particularly luxurious car , On the contrary, many people will think that we can't afford BMW 5 Department or Mercedes E I chose him at the first level , But buy Lexus ES 300h, On the contrary, it seems that we have good taste , We bought it because we like the brand , It's not that you can't afford the same level BBA, such “ Invisible dress X” Probably the most deadly .

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