After driving Skoda kolok and then the Hyundai ix25, the two cars are compared. Owner: it's hard to tell the difference between the two

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driving skoda kolok hyundai ix25

When you get off the bus, you know a truth , If you don't build a car carefully, you will face failure , Many good cars have been developed by car manufacturers , Born like Skoda korok and modern ix25 Such a car . Mention Skoda korok and modern ix25, Xiao Zhang feels a lot , He drove Skoda korok , To mention modern ix25, The two cars are quite , The owner : The two are indistinguishable . Comparison between the two cars , What's the difference ? Now let him explain the car experience for us .

Let's first look at the appearance of Skoda korok , Sufficiently atmospheric in appearance , The materials are also very real . The lines are not exaggerated , natural , Bear with , German Aesthetics . beautiful , The crystal cutting process headlamp likes one . It shouldn't be cheap paint , It looks thick .

Look at Modern ix25, Say without hesitation , The first favor comes from the appearance . The appearance is handsome and powerful , After all, fluid sculpture is not blowing , China open is very handsome . The design of the headlights is also quite three-dimensional , The recognition of this car is very high . A tough look , Wide panoramic skylight .

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