Xie Na made her debut after giving birth to her second child and recorded the program with her best friend Zhao Liying. She looks in great shape!

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xie na debut giving birth

Many netizens said , I haven't seen sister Na for a while , you 're right , She was busy having a second child some time ago . What about recently , She showed up at the airport , Hurried to Changsha , Recording 《 Quick copy 》.

She was at the airport , Immediately recognized by the surrounding fans , Although she was wearing loose clothes , But the body looks very good , The legs are very thin , At that time, some fans sent flowers to her , Sister Na also responded happily .

As a well-known hostess of Hunan TV station , Popularity is very high , On the stage of the variety show , She always enlivens the atmosphere and drives the audience , Let the program show the best effect , Her lively and cheerful character makes her loved by many audiences . Later, her combination with singer Zhang Jie also received many people's blessings , From love to marriage, they have experienced all kinds of storms together , But the relationship is becoming more and more stable .

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