After driving a Mercedes e260l for two years and a friend Lexus es300h, I didn't expect such a big gap

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driving mercedes e260l years friend

There is a folk saying , There are generally two kinds of items to buy luxury brand models , One is bought for others to see , Another kind is bought to enjoy . The former kind of people , Generally, we choose the most famous brand name on the market 、 Look at the most frightening car . The latter kind of people usually choose to drive and sit up to achieve the model they want to feel , As for brand awareness, these are not important , In the medium and large luxury car market , The former tend to choose Mercedes Benz E level , Because it's a Mercedes Benz 、 The car body is long and the space is large , The interior looks luxurious , There will be face . Many of the latter people chose Lexus ES300h, As for why I chose it ? There happened to be a Mercedes Benz today E260L The owner , Tried a friend's Lexus ES300h, The owner said frankly that he didn't expect such a big gap , So is it worth it ?

The background is like this , The owner G.Liu I've been preparing to start with medium and large administrative cars , The goal is to achieve it in one step .A6、5 system 、E I've seen it all ,A6 I didn't like the interior upholstery ,5 The price is too strong , and 525 The interior doesn't really smell like Mercedes Benz , So in the end, even then E260L yes 1.5T Of , But the owner G.Liu None of the other cars had a test drive , Simply open it and it will be ceiling 40 I won E level . Up to now 2W Many kilometers , Go to work or go home , And really have face . But the owner G.Liu My friend Mr. Li , But I always like to save worry 、 comfortable , So I chose the most comfortable level without hesitation 、 The most worry free Lexus ES300h. For a variety of reasons , Now in the G.Liu Open Mr. Li's ES300h During this period , Obviously feel these places and E260L The difference is very big .

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