The 2021 Cadillac cT4 in Tandian has exquisite appearance, abundant 2.0T power output and a straight drop of 35000

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cadillac ct4 ct tandian exquisite

In the past two years, the competition in the domestic luxury and medium-sized car market is quite fierce , Many luxury car manufacturers have begun to make efforts in the market , Cadillac CT4 It is a medium-sized car with strong strength , After entering the market, the car has received a certain degree of attention , Recently, the author visited a local shop in Zibo , Learned about the relevant preferential policies .

2021 Cadillac CT4 Exquisite and beautiful appearance design , The style of air intake grille is very fashionable , The perimeter is decorated with bold chrome trim , The teardrop headlights are family style , The air inlet is trapezoidal , The front bumper is thick . The whole body design is steady and solid , The prominent waistline maintains a certain arc change , The style of the wheel hub is very decent . The movement of the tail is clear , After the inverted triangle tail lamp group is lit, the recognition degree is very high , The trunk cover of duckling tail is fashionable and generous .

The car's interior color matching is quite fashionable , The layout of the center console is quite neat , The suspended central control screen is in the middle , The full multi-function steering wheel is very atmospheric , The car is equipped with a certain number of physical buttons , The material of the seat is very solid .

The car is equipped with 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The match is 8 Self - contained gearbox , The output of this power train is abundant .

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