Surpassing Korean cars? Domestic cars are at least 10 Geely away from Korean cars!

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surpassing korean cars domestic cars

When domestic consumers buy cars , There will be such a view , Japanese and German cars are the first choice , American cars have high fuel consumption , Legal cars are too small , It's better to buy a domestic car than a Korean car , In the eyes of many people , Today's Korean cars , Even domestic cars can't compare with , But is it true ?

actually , Between domestic cars and Korean cars , Maybe it's worse 10 Auspicious , The so-called domestic cars surpass Korean cars , It's just the mouth of many people , The world's top five automobile manufacturers , In the eyes of many people , It's worthless . Compared to sales , Korean cars are more than the top six made in China combined

For now , Domestic automobile manufacturers , No one has entered the top ten in global sales ,2020 year , The top ten companies in global sales are Toyota 、 Volkswagen 、 Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance 、 Modern cars 、 general motors 、 Ford Motor 、 Honda motor 、 Renault 、 Daimler group 、PSA The group , Among them, the one with the lowest sales volume PSA The group ,2020 In, the world also sold 251 Thousands of cars , The highest sales volume in China is Chang'an automobile , Sold 150 Thousands of cars , Geely Automobile is 132 Thousands of cars , Great Wall Motors is 111 Thousands of cars , Chery is 73 Thousands of cars , BYD is 42 Thousands of cars , GAC's autonomy is 35.4 Thousands of cars , And their sales are concentrated in China , Few sales in overseas markets . Modern enterprises have sold... In overseas markets 500 Thousands of cars , What a big gap ?

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