At present, the latest Audi SUV has a discount of more than 70000 as soon as it is listed. What else do you buy Rongfang and haoying?

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present latest audi suv discount

stay BBA Among these luxury brands , Audi is the best seller , It is also the most favorable , It's a causal relationship , Because the discount is big , So sales are good . Now in the compact SUV market , There are some heavy Japanese models on the market , For example, a new generation of Toyota RAV4、 Vetlanda , And Honda haoying , The prices of these three cars are very hard , Almost no discount , Even decorating . In contrast, Audi is much more kind , Take the new generation Audi Q3 For example , It is also a compact model just launched SUV,Q3 In the end market , The offer has reached 7 Ten thousand yuan or so , With all the above crimes , Challenge RAV4、 Hao Ying et al SUV The ratio of .

The new Audi Q3 The shape of , Relatively speaking, it is still very changed . Adopted an inclusive design style , It retains the fashionable flavor of the original model , Joined Audi again Q8 The kind of dynamic , So the front face of this car looks very attractive . The air intake grille is also replaced with a dot matrix structure , All headlights are standard LED headlight , Even better than Audi A4L Be more kind .

Because there is no longer , So Audi Q3 There is no advantage in size , The length, width and height are respectively 4481mm/1848mm/1584mm, The wheelbase is reached 2680mm, In fact, as a city SUV Come on , It's also completely enough . Can you see the shadow of the previous generation on the body lines ? It doesn't seem that . Just rely on the basic body lines , It's enough to make this generation younger 、 More dynamic .

On the roof and C The column section ,Q3 The car body with sliding back is adopted , Low, sloping rear roof and C The column brings more dynamic lines , Creates a dive attitude . The tail shape is not very different from the old model , Through the use of a large number of horizontal lines, the rear of the car has a sense of hierarchy , Besides , The silver lower guard and the decorative exhaust tailrace with double sides also make the new Audi Q3 The tail is more fashionable and sporty .

The interior design gives people a feeling of embracing , The interior lines don't look straight , The air conditioning outlet on the center console looks very personalized , The console adopts a very textured shape , The interior design looks simple and capable , Has its own fashion side . configuration , Even the lowest configuration , Full LCD instrument panel 、 Large central control screen 、 Electric seats are also standard in the whole series , This is very kind 、 Very Audi .

motivation , New Audi Q3 Provides 2.0T( High and low power version ) and 1.4T Turbocharged engine , The transmission system , All match as 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , Top and sub top models are also equipped with quattro All-wheel-drive system . Driving sense , In fact, it has nothing to do with Tiguan L A bit similar , But the texture of the interior has been raised to another level , Sound insulation is also better . So my conclusion is , Even if the engine output is lower than its peers , But the interior texture and freshness , Sound insulation, etc. are excellent , Plus the blessing of brand charm , Even the lowest price Q3, It also has a great attraction .

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