A class B car that shouldn't be buried! Comfortable as high-speed rail, the appearance is super wind, up to 500 horsepower

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class car shouldn buried comfortable

Take a closer look at today's domestic auto market , There has never been a lack of cost-effective B Levels of car , Like the elegant Pavilion 、 camry 、 The music 、 magotan 、 passat 、 audi A4L And so on are all popular in the domestic automobile market at present B Levels of car , They have won the recognition and trust of the majority of domestic consumers with their friendly price and excellent product strength , At the same time, it also makes their market position in China as stable as Mount Tai . even so , But it does not mean that there are only these models in the domestic auto market B The first-class car is very cost-effective . contrary , In addition to them, there are many cost-effective cars B Levels of car , It's just that B The class car was buried for some reason , Like Citroen C5/C6、 Ford Taurus is . But what impresses me most is the protagonist of this issue —— Peugeot 508. It shouldn't be buried B Levels of car ! Comfortable as high-speed rail , The appearance is super cool , the height is 500 horsepower .

At this year's Geneva auto show, Peugeot officially released its new Peugeot 508 models , New car adopted PSA Group's latest EMP2 platform , The appearance has changed the business style of the old model , All-liquid crystal instrument 、 The design of frameless doors and hatchback tailgate is very characteristic , It can be said that it is a step directly into the future .

The interior design of the new car is very sci-fi and avant-garde , central 10 The inch multimedia touch screen and the airplane buttons below it are very characteristic , The entire centre console is biased towards the driver , The shape of the electronic stop rod is also very chic .

motivation , The plug-in hybrid system of the new car is powered by PureTech 200 The engine +111PS HP front axle motor +204PS Horsepower rear axle motor , System integrated maximum power 368kW(500PS), Four wheel drive ,0-100km/h The acceleration time only needs 4.3s.

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