The whole series is powered by 2.0T, with richer configurations. The 2022 Tiguan L is officially launched

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series powered 2.0t richer configurations.

Although all kinds of cars in the car market now “ God car ” All over the place , But ten years ago , The first one in China “ God car ” But it is the way view of the public . As the first model of the public SUV models , Tiguan has been in short supply since its listing , Even a few years after listing, it has been in the state of price increase , You know, the price of Tiguan was not low , Plus frequently 2-3 The price increase of 10000 yuan , The landing of a medium configuration model should 30 About ten thousand .

But with more and more in the market SUV The emergence of car models , Coupled with the continuous decline of car prices , Tiguan also lost its former prestige , Joined the army of price reduction . And the new generation Tiguan has been lengthened in terms of body and wheelbase , The model positioning is also determined by the previous compact SUV Upgrade to medium SUV. But in recent days, , new 2022 paragraph View of path L Officially listed , New car guide price 21.58-28.18 Ten thousand yuan , in 、 The price of high configuration models has been reduced , At the same time, the previous 1.4T Power models , All equipped 2.0T The engine of . In the configuration section ,2022 Concept of payment L It's also improved , Now let's take a look at the new Tiguan L How is your overall performance .

Appearance part ,2022 Concept of payment L The details have been adjusted . The shape of the front net has changed , The design of the headlights is no longer so straight , Incorporate more popular design elements , Chrome plated materials are still widely used , It makes the front of the car look exquisite . The lower enclosure has been redesigned , The bright black trim panel adds a sporty feel to the front of the car .

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