Super junior yinhecheng video blogger sells luxury cars for economic cars, and the income of the second generation group leads to hot discussion

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super junior yinhecheng video blogger

Because of the epidemic , Many Korean stars have to stop their work schedules , So in order to enrich your life , Some artists have started running their own video channels . And the second generation group super junior Yinhe, a member of, has started his business on the tubing channel a few days ago , Upload some daily of your life . Because there are few opportunities to see Yinhe during this period , So fans are very happy to see his dynamic .

Yinhe chatted with fans through the camera while driving in the video this time . The car model driven by Yinhe has also become a hot topic . The car Yinhe drives this time is economical , It is a very common cheap car in the market . Because many second and third tier stars drive expensive brands , So everyone is very confused. As a member of the second generation group who was once very popular , Can drive such an ordinary car .

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