The cheapest Audi car will be on the market soon. It will be equipped with a Porsche gear lever. Its appearance will be strong and face Mercedes Benz A-Class

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cheapest audi car market soon.

audi A3 It can be said to be a divine vehicle in the terminal market . It is the first domestic compact car in luxury cars , It's also the first one BBA Pull the model to 15 Less than 10000 models . Because it's cheap 、 High cost performance , Plus the blessing of Audi brand , Naturally, there is no need to say more about sales , It has been stable for a long time and ranks first in the list of models at this level . And by the 4 month , Brand new audi A3 Also ushered in a new generation , There has been a qualitative leap in many aspects . It's no exaggeration to say , New audi A3 Will once again pull away from BMW 1 system 、 Mercedes A Level gap .

New audi A3 The front face of , It adopts Audi's latest design language , The front face adopts hexagonal honeycomb front middle net . meanwhile , Polygonal headlight group and new generation Q3 The design style is consistent , The appearance is more sporty 、 fashion . Besides , The matrix used by the car LED The daytime running lights of the front lamp group further realize design innovation , They consist of a number of LED The light band forms a pixel array , It can produce special optical signals , Enhanced recognition of new cars . This is also the first time Audi has put high-tech headlights , Down to the lowest level models .

The main action of the side is to lengthen . It still adopts the classic hatchback design , Smooth lines with multi spoke hub shape , Create a strong high-end home atmosphere . The length, width and height are respectively 4340/1820/1430mm, The wheelbase is 2640mm, Of course, this is only the overseas version of the data , After domestic production, the length and wheelbase will be greatly improved .

The change of the tail is also dominated by brand-new headlights , The design echoes with the headlights , The visual effect is outstanding . And in the back enclosure , The new car is also designed with imitation opening design corresponding to the front of the car , Added a hint of movement . The boss design under the tail window brings a large area of white space , The lower bumper is decorated with chrome , The exhaust is changed to hidden , The whole looks simple , generous . The cheapest Audi is coming soon , Change the Porsche gear lever , Looks strong and runs fast A level .

interiors , This time it's new A3 The improvement is very significant , It will also become the biggest competitive advantage point in this level of models in the future . New car standard 10.1 Inch central control touch screen , It also has a comprehensive display and navigation function , The size of its enlarged version can reach 12.3 Inch , Provide three different views . The figure above shows the manual version , Basically, it will not be introduced into the domestic market . The new electronic gear lever in the figure below , It will be brand new A3 In the end .

motivation , Will provide 1.5T Gasoline engine 、1.5T Gasoline engine +48V、1.0T Three cylinder engine , The maximum power is respectively 150 horsepower 、150 horsepower 、110 horsepower . The transmission part , Or seven speed double clutch . On the overseas version , new A3 It has also joined many leading technologies in this level of models , Including adaptive damping variable suspension technology 、 Progressive steering technology 、quattro drive Timely 4WD technology . At the same time, we found a new generation A3 In suspension 、 to turn to 、 Four wheel drive system and ESC There are many improvements in chassis such as body electronic stability system . however , After domestic , Many configurations are still likely to be castrated .

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