"Guyu" facial cleanser winning list announced

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guyu facial cleanser winning list

Deng Deng Deng ~

Let me announce the last 「 Grain Rain 」 Amino Acid Facial Cleanser

The winning list of the message activity !

To ensure fairness and justice

I use the online random number generator

According to the number of effective messages in the background

The final generated random number is as follows

So according to the random number, according to the order of messages displayed in the background, congratulations

@ Xu Xiaonian @ Safina lucky The two children's shoes won 「 Grain Rain 」 An amino acid facial cleanser. I'll contact you through the message backstage

I don't know what this activity is. In short, it is a conscience skin care brand 「 Grain Rain 」 Classic cleansing products launched

Bring your own cleansing brush

Medical grade sterile silicone brush head , Full marks for cleaning ability

Although the message activity is over, the product is still on sale

The original price of a single piece 139 Yuan current price 76.9 element

The original price of the two combinations 238 Yuan current price 91.8 element

source : Yanbo people Chang'an

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