Wuling goes global, making silver standard SUV with open panoramic skylight, wheelbase of 2.75 meters or selling for 100000

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wuling goes global making silver

Although China's auto market is the world's largest auto market , But want to get international recognition of domestic models , We can't just base ourselves on the domestic market , We still have to enter the global market . After Wuling launched the global silver standard , We can see Wuling's attention to the global market . And Wuling global silver standard , It's the first time Wuling goes offline 2200 When 10000 vehicles were launched , SAIC GM Wuling is also the first in China to go offline 2200 Car enterprises with 10000 complete vehicles , This is enough to prove Wuling's influence and Heritage in the auto market , Endorse Wuling global silver standard . At present, Wuling global silver standard car series , Wuling Kaijie and Wuling Xingchen have been launched , Wuling Kaijie has been listed , Wuling star will be on the market soon .

Although Wuling Kaijie and Wuling Xingchen are all models in the global silver standard car series , But the positioning of Wuling Kaijie and Wuling star is not the same . The former is “ Big four seater family car ”, With this positioning , And the excellent quality and workmanship of the global silver standard car series , Wuling Kaijie has achieved relatively good sales results in the automobile market , list 8 Sold in months 6 Ten thousand units , Proved his strength . The latter is a SUV, And aim at the compact SUV This competitive segment , Can it gain a foothold in this market segment ?

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