The 2021 Nissan Xuanyi appeared, the gray coating is very advanced, the 1.6L fuel consumption is low, and the terminal has a discount

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nissan xuanyi appeared gray coating

In recent years, the domestic car market has developed quite rapidly , More automobile manufacturers have great expectations for this level of model market . If you want to choose the benchmark model of the joint venture car in the current stage , Nissan Xuanyi is definitely one of them , Nissan Xuanyi's achievements during this period are quite outstanding , The attention has been kept relatively high . And now there are some cash discounts in some areas , Today's good car recommendation is :2021 Model Nissan Xuanyi .

2021 The exquisite and elegant appearance design of Nissan Xuanyi , The style of the front face is similar to that of Nissan Teana , The design of air intake grille is broad and solid , The surrounding lines describe very straight , The black Chinese net is decorated with bold U Type I chrome-plated trim , The style of the headlight set is slim and full , The lens has a clear sense of hierarchy . The fog light area is L Type style , The perimeter is decorated with black trim panels , The front bumper keeps a certain upward trend , The front face is young .

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