Is this class B car "on"? More than 4.9 meters long, comfortable and comparable to large sofa, accord

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class car meters long comfortable

In the thinking consciousness of young domestic consumers in choosing cars , The first model they want to buy in China is a joint venture , Tell the truth , The joint venture car entered China early in the early stage , The good reputation gained in China in recent years 、 The high sales volume has also been engraved in the hearts of every domestic consumer . therefore , Smart young consumers in China just want to buy a car , Give priority to domestic joint venture brands at the first time . So at home B In the first-class model market , Which model is the most cost-effective joint venture car ? At this time, the Japanese joint venture car came into my mind , Compare the models of other brands , I think Japanese cars are more fuel-efficient 、 Resistance to manufacture , And value preservation .

Although there are many Japanese cars in China, there is a reduction in vehicle allocation 、 Oil emulsification 、CVT Gearbox and other quality problems , It has also been exposed by many users in recent years , But even so , Because of their own reputation 、 The problem of hedging rate , It is still recognized by many consumers in China , Perhaps only after the new energy models are fully launched , Our own brand will completely gain a foothold in the domestic market . Instead, look back , In the domestic budget 20 Ten thousand words , And how to choose the Japanese system in China B Level car? ? In our country 7 After the month's sales were exposed , A dark horse B Class a car quickly came into our sight in China , Where is the car 7 It's a big month 18858 platform , Directly crush the sales king of the same level “ Honda accord ”, It's like it's on and off , So this model is the Nissan family — New sounds of nature .

For this model , Remember in 2020 In the year , Because its three major parts do not occupy an advantage , Domestic sales have been sluggish , Basically, they are the bottom models of the three Japanese families , The phenomenon of monthly sales exceeding 10000 is also extremely rare , But in 2021 Years later, , After the new Teana is listed in China , After the increase in preferential strength , Suddenly, this model has risen in China , In this year 7 It's a big month 18858 platform , Directly into the country B The top three of the class cars , It's higher than the fourth Honda Accord 8704 platform , thus it can be seen , Just in terms of sales data , Like domestic maiteng 、 passat 、 Accord is no longer its opponent .

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