What else are you looking at? BMW 5 Series? This imported luxury car starts from 294900 yuan, which is said to drive well for 300000 kilometers

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looking bmw series imported luxury

In luxury C Class car market , BMW 5 It is a German luxury car with benchmarking function , It looks good 、 The image of good driving is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , Created “ Drive a BMW and ride a Mercedes Benz ” Good reputation , But BMW 5 It's about luxury C Class car market is not the most valuable model , First, its price is too high ,42.19-54.49 The price range of 10000 yuan is compared with its international price , Virtual height 30%, Mercedes E Class and Audi A6L There are similar problems , Second, it has been made by brilliance BMW , In terms of mechanical quality and quality, it is inferior to the overseas models , Third, it has been lengthened , Although the space is larger , But the handling is greatly reduced . In view of the above three reasons , BMW 5 Is it still the foal of your dream ?

In my heart , lexus ES It's just dream car. First , Its price is 29.49-48.89 Ten thousand yuan , The price is very close at home and abroad , No Chinese “ leek ”, secondly , It still insists on importing , The quality is consistent with that of overseas models , The import price is not expensive , Isn't that what “ Kindness and kindness ” Do you ? Third , lexus ES The quality of is well known , It's called 30 Ten thousand kilometers is not bad , It doesn't burn oil 、 Oil leak 、 Problems such as broken shaft , Choosing it means peace of mind 、 To save time 、 And effort , Isn't such a car worthy of recognition ?

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