2021 Chengdu auto show is about to open. What new cars are shining in front of people?

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Delayed due to the epidemic 2021 Chengdu International Auto Show will be held in 8 month 29 Opening day , At this auto show , What new cars will surprise us ? One 、 Beijing Benz brand new C level

At this Chengdu auto show , Beijing Benz new C Class standard axle and long axle models will be officially launched , Following the new family design style will be a highlight . In terms of size , The length of the long axle model 4882 mm 、 wide 1820 mm 、 high 1461 mm , The wheelbase has reached 2954 mm , The riding space of the whole vehicle will be further improved . interiors ,12.3 Inch LCD dashboard and 11.9 Inch central control screen to the new Mercedes Benz S Level alignment , Bring luxury and technology feeling . configuration , Carrying the second generation MBUX Intelligent human-computer interaction system , Support OTA Online upgrade , Naked eye 3D、 Map navigation and other functions will also bring full of technology experience ; motivation , Will provide 1.5T In line 4 cylinder 、1.5T In line 4 cylinder +48V Light mixed 、2.0T In line four cylinder three options , The maximum power is respectively 168 Horsepower and 204 horsepower , matching 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . Two 、 Brilliance BMW New X3

Brilliance BMW New X3 It is also expected to officially appear during this auto show , As a mid - term change model , The new X3 It continues the overseas modification in appearance X3 New lamp set design , The iconic double kidney grille adds a blackened style , The area is also further increased , The lines of the whole vehicle are more sharp ; The interior upholstery has also been upgraded 12.3 Inch central control screen and instrument panel ; In terms of power 2.0T The two versions of high and low power engines match 8 Speed automatic transmission . 3、 ... and 、 SAIC Audi Q5 e-tron

SAIC Audi Q5 e-tron be based on MEB Pure electric platform , New car Manager 4876 mm 、 wide 1860 mm 、 high 1675 mm , The wheelbase has reached 2965 mm , The vehicle size is larger than the fuel version Q5. motivation , SAIC Audi Q5 e-tron Equipped with 83.4kWh The battery pack , And provide 150kW/132kW Different height / Low power single motor rear drive and 230kW Dual motor 4WD three power combinations . The above are the three models to be listed in this Chengdu auto show , besides , There are also many heavy products that will appear at this auto show . What other models would you like to see ? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section .

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